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README for heroes-hq-sound-tracks 1.0


  This package contains "high quality" versions for some sound-tracks
of standard sound-track set (heroes-sound-tracks).

  Because this package does not supply a new version for all
sound-tracks in the game, you will have to INSTALL THE TWO SOUND-TRACK
PACKAGES, i.e., both heroes-sound-tracks and heroes-hq-sound-tracks.
(order does not matter).


   These files are distributed under the terms of the GNU General
Public License.  See the file COPYING for details.

Latest version

  New versions of this packages will be available at SourceForge.
See the home page of Heroes:  http://heroes.sourceforge.net/


  This package use autoconf and automake.  See the file INSTALL for
generic instructions.  To have these sound-tracks integrated in Heroes,
use the same --prefix and --datadir options when configuring both

  This package is supported by Heroes 0.21 or greater.

Bug reports, feed-back

 Use one of these two mailing lists:

 See the http://heroes.sourceforge.net/lists.html for archives and
 subscription informations.  You do NOT need to subscribe to post.

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