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NEWS for heroes 0.21

Heroes 0.21	March 30, 2002

	* Support for the heroes-hq-sound-tracks package.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - soundconf: failed to override aliases.
	  - Heroes' GGI driver failed to report an error if no
	    two-frame mode was available.
	  - Various code nits.

Heroes 0.20	February 7, 2002

	* Bug fixes:
	  - Improve responsiveness by not delaying input processing for
	    one iteration of the main loop.
	  - Support the new behavior of the libmikmod-config script installed
	    by LibMikMod 3.1.10.
	  - Fix the sorting of levels for Quest mode. (Since 0.12d)
	  - Fix computation of walls for tile #0 in the level editor.

Heroes 0.19	January 28, 2002

	* Minor portability tweaks for MinGW.

Heroes 0.18b	January 23, 2002

	* Alt+Enter toggles full screen mode (works only with the SDL
	  driver and is not supported by all targets).
	* Harmful turn backs are ignored even if the autopilot is
	  disabled by the fire trails.

Heroes 0.18a	January 9, 2002

	* Brazilian Portuguese translations.
	* Computer players will stop and speed up.
	* -G not8 should work around a bug in GGI.

Heroes 0.18	December 15, 2001

	* Bug fixes:
	  - Display lowercase characters in deck font (introduced in 0.17a).
	  - Fix background shift when switching from/to one player mode
	    to/from two player mode in the "game" menu (since 0.12c).

Heroes 0.17a	December 13, 2001

	* This version requires heroes-data-1.4.
	* Support Allegro as display/keyboard/joystick interface.
	* Support Latin-1 characters in help reader and big fonts.

Heroes 0.17	November 19, 2001

	* Bug fix:
	  - Segfault introduced by previous bug fix. (Ahem.)
	* Very basic testsuite (it just runs the game in demo mode -- but
	  that would have been enough to caught the aforementioned segfault).

Heroes 0.16	November 18, 2001

	* Bug fixes:
	  - Explosions of dead players happens on the full trail (the
	    last five squares used to not explode).
	  - Check for the definition strlen() (prevented Heroes to
	    compile on system lacking strndup()).

Heroes 0.15	October 20, 2001

	* Bug fix:
	  - Some thinko in the explosion handling code could bring
	    the game on its knees.  Making it momently unplayable
	    even on fast machines. (Since 0.12a.)

Heroes 0.14	September 22, 2001

	* Most files are now shipped under the terms of 'GPL version 2'.
	* New option to heroes:
	  --list=levels: list level files.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - Check for SDL_mixer in configure (lost in 0.13).
	  - Allow to fall back to LibMikMod if SDL_mixer is not available
	    and to GII if SDL does not support Joystick (lost in 0.12e).
	  - Don't exit with an error code on operations like --version.

Heroes 0.13	September 19, 2001

	* Bug fixes:
	  - Dummy keyboard driver doesn't need GGI (0.12e).
	  - Rename all type names to prevent clashes with POSIX types.
	  - Fix segfault in (incomplete) Allegro support.

Heroes 0.12f	August 26, 2001

	* Document heroeslvl.
	* heroeslvl is internationalized.
	* Preliminary support for Allegro (not functional yet).
	* Bug fixes:
	  - Reintroduce support from SDL_main (lost in 0.12e).
	  - Cleanup configury changes from 0.12e.
	  - Thinko in lemmings handling (since 0.12a).

Heroes 0.12e	August 22, 2001

	* Interfaces with media libraries (SDL/GGI/GII/MikMod/SDL_mixer)
	  completly revamped.  See src/media/.  This look cleaner, and
	  should make addition of new interfaces easier.
	* ./configure will now check for *all* supported media libraries
	  (e.g. it used to not check for SDL if GGI was found: it will
	  now check for both and make a selection later).
	  --with-package options are used by the installer to give his/her
	  *preference* on which package to use.
	  --without-package options are used to disable the checks for
	  package (it's probably a bug if you need this).
	* Bug fixes:
	  - The SDL version won't initialize sound or joystick if not needed.
	  - Animation were looping to fast (since 0.12a).

Heroes 0.12d	August 6, 2001

	* Portability tweaks for MinGW and OpenBSD.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - Radar display was bogus on Y-wrapped levels (since 0.12a).
	  - Prevent lemmings from entering tunnels (since 0.12a).
	  - Sort the level list so that they are played in the same
	    order as when level.lst was used (since 0.12b).
	  - Wrong computation of camera position caused
	    segfaults on unwrapped levels (since 0.12c).

Heroes 0.12c	July 30, 2001

	* Compile flags handling revamped:
	  - heroes and heroeslvl do not use the same libraries.
	  - lib/ and intl/ use less strict -Woptions than src/.
	* heroeslvl has a manpage.
	* heroes can be configured to not drop s-bit privileges
	  with the keepsuid: yes and keepsgid: yes system-wide settings.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - A couple of memory leaks.
	  - `heroes-sdl -G mumble' didn't work.

Heroes 0.12b	July 24, 2001

	* heroes:
	  - Compute the list of levels on startup; level.lst is not
            used anymore.
	* heroeslvl:
	  - Don't load the body of the level if only the header is needed.
	  - Add option -pi to display tile details.
	* common:
	  - Free level structures once they are no longuer needed.
	  - Load the levels with mmap if possible.

Heroes 0.12a	July 16, 2001

	* A new utility, heroeslvl, can load levels and dump various
	* Level loading and representation code rewritten as a library
	  (used by the game and heroeslvl, but not yet the level editor).
	* Explosion handling code rewritten.  Two noticeable differences:
	  - explosions from dead players are now harmful,
	  - explosions from dead players will propagate to neighbor
	    explosive squares.
	* New bonus: fire trail
	  (appears more frequently in Death Match mode).
	* Autopilot is disabled against direct collisions with fire trails.

Heroes 0.12	July 10, 2001

	* Locking support for windows (untested).
	* Bug fixes:
	  - Heroes used to be mute on five levels.
	  - Various cosmetic issues in menus.
	  - Correct Joystick reading code for libggi.

Heroes 0.11	May 23, 2001

	* Bug fixes:
	  - strip trailing slashes before creating directories.
	  - don't install charset.alias on glibc 2.1 systems.

Heroes 0.10b	May 21, 2001

	* Open the global score/saved-game file once the game start,
	  drop all privileges immediately afterward, and keep the file open
	  until exit; instead of opening them many time, and switching
	  persona for each opening.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - Misc. errors in documentation.
	  - Fix display of the bottommost line in the waves effect.
	  - Two typos in code that prevent compilation on non-Unix systems.
	  - Build intl/ before other subdirectories so that libintl.h
	    is available if needed.
	  - Fix relocation process under MinGW by
	     o supporting semicolon-separated PATHs
	     o supporting \ as a directory separator
	     o stripping trailing slashes before stat()ing directories
	  - Heroes is now aware that gettext installs locales into
	    $datadir/locale rather that $prefix/share/locale.  See the
	    comment in m4/h-path.m4 for details.

Heroes 0.10a	May 8, 2001

	* This version requires heroes-data-1.0a.
	* The labels in pictures of the help reader are translatable.
	* Use a new eye-catching tutorial arrow, without text.

Heroes 0.10	May 7, 2001

	* Obsolete Visual C files are not longer distributed.
	* The CREDITS screen now thanks everybody.  By the way
          the THANKS and AUTHORS files, the related section of the
	  documentation, and the CREDITS screen are maintained
	  from a single file.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - make sure ngettext() is available.
	  - don't segfault if Heroes is not found in the PATH.

Heroes 0.9b	May 2, 2001

	* Italian translations.
	* Drop fetish's gettext and use the latest gettext (0.10.37)
	  - use ngettext() to handle plural forms
	  - gettext now works under MinGW
	* Support for conditionals in config files
	  (undocumented, but used in src/etc/heroesrc)
	* Improve relocation magic:
	  - also try to use argv[0] or $PATH to compute $prefix.
	  - document (see README)
	* Better handling of locked files in two dangerous places.

Heroes 0.9a	April 21, 2001

	* German translations.
	* Support for system-wide score&save files,
	  this includes:
	  - file locking
	  - handling of process persona (when Heroes has the sgid or suid bits)
	  - "tainting" of filename resources
	  See node 'Global score file' of the manual.
	* Save score/save/preferences files as text.
	* Record keyboard preferences for SDL and GGI separately, so one
	  can use both heroes-sdl and heroes-ggi without key conflicts.
	* Better support for relocation
	  - support for the HEROES_PREFIX environment variable
	  - all paths are now relative to this prefix
	  - if the default prefix is incorrect, Heroes will try to
	    set it to the relative path from $bindir to $prefix (as
	    supplied to the configure --prefix and --bindir option),
	    i.e., it assumes the current directory is the executable's
	    directory.  Not yet documented, can be improved.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - fix handling of extended keys in the "enter your name" screen
	  - output debug messages to stdout

Heroes 0.9	February 24, 2001

	* Misc typos.

Heroes 0.8f	February 20, 2001

	* New configure option: --disable-display.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - correctly update screen on key conflicts (since 0.6c)
	  - get support for gcc 2.7.2 back (apparently dropped since 0.6e)

Heroes 0.8e	February 14, 2001

	* GGI usage enhancements:
	  - use buffer locking
          - do double buffering when possible
	  - don't crossblit when the display is already 8bit (== speedup
            for people running a 8bit display)
	* Replace the stupid lightning formula with gamma correction
          (the scale and default value have changed, this means that
          your current saved setup is likely to be lighter than what
          you expect)
	* Bug fixes:
	  - don't set palette for non-palletized modes [GGI]
	  - strip large keynames in keyboard menu to prevent overstrike

Heroes 0.8d	February 7, 2001

	* Dutch message catalog.
	* Report non-drawable character in messages on startup.

Heroes 0.8c	February 2, 2001

	* One intermediate screen buffer has been removed from the
	  rendering pipe.  The good news is that this should lead
	  to a slight speed-up in some configuration (when stretching
	  is used or when display require locking).  The bad news is
	  that shading the screen in the PAUSE and QUIT menus
	  is no longer possible, therefore this has been changed.
	* The middle mouse button can be used to select a temporary
	  tile in the level editor (for tunnel setup).
	* configure changes:
	  - CFLAGS now defaults to -g
	  - New options: --with-mpatrol, --with-mtrace.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - compilation for targets not using gettimeofday (e.g. mingw32)
	    was not fixed correctly in 0.8a...
	  - the catch bonuses behavior (used by computer opponents) was
	    lacking the call to the valuation function since 0.6d!

Heroes 0.8b	Juanary 11, 2001

	* Cleanup of config.h's #define macros.
	* Improvement and fixes in Makefiles' maintainer targets.
	* Update configure options description (manual/README)
	* configure shaking (continued):
          New option: --enable-devel
	  Changed: --enable-debug is now disabled by default
	* arch/mingw32/: files used to cross-build the MinGW32

Heroes 0.8a	Juanary 1, 2001

        * Internationalization of menus and text output.
	* French translations included.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - compilation for targets not using gettimeofday (e.g. mingw32)
	    was broken since 0.7a
	  - cross-compile build was broken since 0.7a
	* configure has been shaked a lot:
	  - many checks moved into separate files in m5/
	  - New options:
	     --disable-nls,             --enable-assert,
             --enable-warnings,         --disable-optimizations,
             --with-dmalloc,            --with-efence,
	     --with-included-gettext,   --with-catgets
	   - Renamed options:
	     --with*-GGI* => --with*-ggi*
	     --with*-GII* => --with*-gii*
	     --with*-sdl_mixer* => --with*-sdl-mixer*
	* previous releases used to strip binaries by default,
	  this is no longer the case: use make install-strip instead.

Heroes 0.8	December 20, 2000

	* Bug fixes:
	  - --without-mikmod was not always taken into account (since 0.6)
	  - the key configurator was not working properly (since 0.6c)
	  - memory leaks (since 0.7b)
	  - segfault due to the help reader (since 0.7b)

Heroes 0.7b	December 18, 2000

	* full rewrite of the help reader
	* remove the end-scroller
	* lib/ and m4/ update
	* the 'txt_cfg/' directory no longer exists

Heroes 0.7a	December 7, 2000

	* use autoconf 2.49b
        * make sure in configure that the selected libraries are
          correctly installed
	* the file 'txt_cfg/txti.cfg' is no longer used
	* New option:
	  -4, --quadruple: stretch the screen fourfold.
	* Bug fixes:
	  - add a warning in the documentation and a workaround
	    in the code for the buggy compiler shipped with
	    Red Hat 7.0
	  - fix the color selection function used when linked with SDL
	  - fix wrapping of counters after 127 in TIME CASH and COLORS
	  - fix wrong timing calculation (could cause stalls)
	  - adds @direntry and @dircategory commands in the Texinfo
	  - explicitly forbid turn backs in the game (can otherwise
	    cause segfaults on some levels)

Heroes 0.7	November 29, 2000

	* Bug fixes:
	  - failed assertion in sfx.c (since 0.6d)
	  - vehicle drawing at tunnel output (caused segfaults since 0.6e)
	  - TIME CASH and COLOR modes endings (pre 0.1 bug)

Heroes 0.6f	November 25, 2000

	* Fixes for recent (0.6d) bugs:
	  - unfreed memory blocks
	  - various typos
	  - inaccurate waving effect (uncleared pixels on the right side)
	  - redundant error messages when decoding sound options (SDL_mixer)
	* Fixes for older (pre 0.1) bugs:
	  - thinko in vehicle drawing functions
	  - fence-post read in the help reader
	* Updated VisualC files.

Heroes 0.6e	November 20, 2000

	* New section Machines in Texinfo manual (and README)
	* New icons (misc/heroes-?.xpm)
	* Should work on DEC/OSF (out of the box), and NetBSD (not smooth
	* The use glenz option (screen menu) is no longer supported
	* Fixes for bugs introduced in 0.6d:
	  - CFLAGS were overwritten by optimisation flags in configure
	  - work around the non-exiting check for realloc on DEC/OSF
	  - Bonus texts were only displayed for the purple player

Heroes 0.6d	November 16, 2000

	* New aliases can be added to the sound config files, they will
	  be shown in the jukebox
	* New options:
	  --list=sound-tracks: list the configured sound tracks
	  --list=debug: show the debug channels
	* Spelling errors in debug channels or file resources
	  are reported as possible misspelling of xxx
	* Bug fixes:
	  - timer reads could leads to quasi-infinite loop
	  - etc/heroesrc was not installed under share/heroes
	  - the internal level editor was unable to load levels generated
	    by the DOS version (such as the levels from heroes-data)
	  - -fstrict-aliasing is not recognized by any gcc
	  - LDFLAGS could be erased in configure.in in some conditions
	* New configure option:
	* Major internal changes:
	  - new sprite drawing interface (a large part of the code
	    has been converted to it)
	  - base directory cleaned up

Heroes 0.6c	October 20, 2000

	* New option:
	  --list: show various internal information
	* Obsoleted option:
	* Internal changes:
	  - many cleanups

Heroes 0.6b	October 5, 2000

        * More Win32 support, again.
       	* Distribute VisualC projects files (in arch/VisualC/).
	* REMOVED configure options:
	  They are superseded by the options-file, scores-file
	  and games-file resources. See src/etc/heroesrc.
	* Renamed options:
	  -q is now -i.
	* New options:
	  -v, --verbose: debug output.
	  -q, --quiet: suppress warnings.
	  -Q, --really-qiet: suppress errors.
	* Bugs fixed:
	  - Tunnels didn't work on bigendian machines.
	  - A subtle bug in a configure macro prevented SDL_mixer
	    to be found if the detection of GGI failed.
	  - A couple of memory leaks.
	* Internal changes:
	  - configure macros moved to m4/
	  - fading code rewritten
	  - ./configure --enable-debug will enable a pile of compile checks.

Heroes 0.6a	September 19, 2000

        * Better support for Win32:
          - more accurate timing
          - working full screen
          - should be easier to compile without any Unix layer
	* Closing window is now handled with SDL
	* Stronger checks for libMikMod and SDL
	* New option:
          -e: display only even lines (try -2e !)
	* Bugs fixed:
	  - correct usage of --host for cross-compiling
	  - --double and --triple were not handled correctly
	  - memory leaks
	  - the "Quit yes/no" screen was called in a loop on some machines
	  - src/etc/heroesrc was doubled
	  - building of html files was not handled correctly

Heroes 0.6	September 2, 2000

	* heroes has been split in four packages, with different
	  version numbering and release schedules.
	   - heroes:               source code, documentation
	   - heroes-data:          level maps, graphics
	   - heroes-sound-track:   sound tracks
	   - heroes-sound-effects: sound effects
	* SDL_mixer support (as an alternative for LibMikMod).
	* Options, games, and scores are saved as soon as possible,
	  not only on exit.
	* Option list reordered in help screen and man page.
	* Filenames are handled internally via aliases that can
	  be overridden with the setrsc: command in heroesrc.
	* Filenames from sound configuration files not beginning by /
	  are relative to the configuration file directory.
	* Filename given after a soundconf: command are subject
	  to alias expansion (e.g. $(data-dir)/mod/sound.conf).
	* New run-time options:
	  -2: double display size (slow)
	  -3: triple display size (slower)
	  -S: disable sound
	  -X: disable sfx (not new, but was undocumented)
	* New environment variables:
	  HEROES_DEBUG:    control debugging output
	  HEROES_DATA_DIR: permit relocation of the game
	* New configure options:
          --enable-html-doc[=DIR]:  build and install html documentation
	  --disable-heroes-debug:   disable support for HEROES_DEBUG
	  --with-mikmod:	    link with LibMikMod
	  --with-sdl_mixer:	    link with SDL_Mixer
	* Bugs fixed:
	  - -q option wasn't handled
	  - keysdef-inc.h was not build if --with-sdl or --with-GGI
	    were given an argument
	  - keysdef-inc.h included wrong SDL header
	  - typos in the game texts and in the documentation
	  - endian bugs in timing code
	  - -DDEBUG was not in CFLAGS if the user specified
	    her own CFLAGS at configure time.
	  - mouse support for SDL 1.0.x was missing.
	  - a ./configure test was broken due to unquoted
	    variable substitution.
	  - some more big-endian issues have been fixed
	  - some unaligned memory access have been removed
	* Internal major changes:
	  - new directory lib/ for utility and compatibility functions.
	  - timer code fully rewritten

Heroes 0.5	July 22, 2000

	* Level editor integration.
	* Documentation updates.
	* Sound configuration files allow specification of played
          sound-tracks (soundconf: in ~/.heroes/heroesrc).
	* New options:
	  -8: 8bits audio
	  -q: high quality mixer
	  -F: full screen video (where available)
	* Preliminary support for big-endian machines [untested]
	* Handle multiple extra level directories (extradir: in
	* Bugs fixed:
	  - configure went wrong on joystick tests when GGI was not
	    available and SDL didn't have joystick support.
	  - make distclean did not remove all generated files.
	  - VPATH build did not work.
	  - --gfx-options used to segfault.
	* Minor improvements:
	  - Allow <PAUSE> to continue paused games.
	  - With SDL, the --gfx-options will set SDL_VIDEODRIVER.

Heroes 0.4	July 3, 2000

	* Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) support.
	* Texinfo documentation.
	* setenv: command in ~/.heroes/heroesrc.
	* ./configure --disable-joystick.

Heroes 0.3	June 24, 2000

	* Joystick support.
	* Support of options specification in ~/.heroes/heroesrc.
	* Sound driver selection via -n and -d options.
	* LibGGI configuration via --ggi-display option.
	* Handling of music and sfx volume configuration.
	* Smarter keyboard configurator.
	* ./configure --enable-mem-debug will link with dmalloc
	  or electric fence.

Heroes 0.2	June 3, 2000

	* Support for non-8bits video mode (thanks to Pierre Baillet).
	* Sound effects now works.
	* Options, scores, and saved games are now written in
	  the ~/.heroes/ user directory (old behaviour still available
	  with ./configure options).
	* Better keycode handling.  Report correct keysyms
	  in the KEYS menu.
	* Improved ./configure options to specify LibGGI location.
	* Bugs fixed:
	  - a buffer overflow in pixelize
          - backspace and delete didn't work in console
	  - the orange vertical line when playing a two player game

Heroes 0.1	May 25, 2000

	* First release under GNU/Linux.

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